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Soursop (Shawachop)

There are many fruit that most people simply don’t know about, and  soursop, also known as guyabano, is just one of them. it has a white fleshy inside,with black little seeds,like water melon.on the outside,its green,with spikes all over d body.its about the size of a pawpaw fruit,or abit smaller.the first time I saw this fruit was in a friend’s house and I asked

what is this?
He said it’s called shawachop then I asked again is that even an English word?


While the fruit is not as well known as others and is less researched, soursop health benefits are still worthy of note. If you want to expand your mind with knowledge of a fruit you probably never knew existed, continue onward to see what soursop is and what it has to offer.
The graviola tree grows in warm tropical areas such as the Philippines and South America. Known as a sedative, a nerve tonic, and used to maintain proper intestinal health, guyabano is just one medicinal tool stemming from the graviola tree. Throughout history, each part of the graviola tree, such as the bark, leaves, roots, fruit, and seeds have been used for medicinal purposes. The seeds have been used to treat nausea and vomiting, while herbal medicine practitioners recommend using the fruit and leaves to relieve stomach distress, pain, cough, asthma, and fever.
soursop is known to being rich in vitamin C and B vitamins thiamin, riboflavin and niacin
Soursop can be used for
1.Respiratory issues such as asthma or cough
3.Headaches or migraines
4.Intestinal upset, constipation, and stomach distress
6.Iron deficiency anemia
7.Urinary tract infections
8.Lack of energy
just enjoy the soursop fruit, or, try it if you never have! Am so sure I am.